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MINC STUDIOS is the ultimate creative space for all your production needs.

Whether you want to shoot a video, take stunning photos, or record a podcast, we have everything you need and more. 

Our space is designed for anyone who has a message to share, from small businesses to big brands, creatives to influencers, from executives to educators, and anyone in between.

We offer a range of services and facilities to make your production a success, including:

  • A production studio for videography or photography
  • A podcast café for audio or video podcasts
  • A creation station for design, editing, and quick content creation
  • Equipment rental for any production

If you are looking for a more all-inclusive package to entertain, choose MINC’s All Access Premier Lounge. Whether you are premiering your next product or educating, our clients have full access to our interactive selfie walls, video walls, training rooms, breakout rooms, studios and more. Designed to ignite conversations, create positive experiences and lasting memories, our space is a magical space to work, host and entertain your team or clients. 

Need a medical or healthcare space for your project? Look no further than our medical demonstration room and our customized medical packages. We have the equipment and the expertise to make your medical training or production a success.

Booking with us is easy and hassle-free.

Just choose the studio package that fits your project and budget, and select the time, date, and any add-ons that you need. We'll take care of the rest.

We offer flexible rates and packages, as well as membership packages that enable discounted services and savings for you. 

At MINC STUDIOS, you take care of your business, and we cannot wait to take care of you! 

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Up to 4,500 Sf. of Creative Space

  • Free Parking with Plenty of Spaces
  • Interactive Selfie Walls
  • 10 Viewing Screens
  • Automated and Self-Guided Studios
  • 400 Sf. Production Studio with cyc wall, curtain rail and motorized back drop systems
  • Ceiling mounted, pantograph lighting grid with continuous and strobe mounted lighting system
  • 260 Sf. nature inspired Podcast Café’ with 4 mic set up perfect for audio or audio and video podcast
  • Broadcast switcher and multi-cam production options
  • 240 Sf. Creation Station with pre-load apps to edit, design or content create
  • 400 Sf. Medical Demo Suite
  • 500 Sf. Premier Lounge
  • Legendary Board Room
  • Equipment Rental Options
  • Hourly and Discounted Day Rates
  • Membership Opportunities Available


Our Clients

We love being at the center of it all and look forward to starting our journey with you.